Monday, December 13, 2010

Egg and Black Bean Tortas (revised)

An actual cold grill!
This is Burgh Gourmand.  The pictures may not always be appetizing, but I guarantee the food was great!

It was snowy and cold out, so I decided to cook up some deep, warming food that would power a long session of snow shoveling or just watching old movies on the couch.  Both require energy.  Andy was hanging out and we didn't want to drive somewhere to pick up a protein.  So, let's go with eggs and a can of La Costena refried black beans from Las Palmas in Brookline. 

This little project started out as just a big skillet of scrambled warming food.  Then I realized there was leftover French bread from Oakmont Bakery.  Mexican sandwich you ask?  Yes.  It's called a torta, and just like Paella, it's a platform for leftovers.  Usually there's a meat and some veggies in there too, but not this time.  Just a huge mess of molten goodness :)  
Double-day old baguette from Oakmont bakery, still great. Note impromptu hoodie potholder.
Not the most flattering picture again, but I'm just starting out here.
Refried black beans, organic eggs, garlic infused olive oil, queso, roasted tomato & corn salsa, pepper & salt.  Served over toasted, oiled French bread. Last of the Kenya Thiriku from Counter Culture through a Bellman with some steamed milk. We made it for six hours without being hungry.  Although I should have bottled up some coffee in a Thermos for the ride up to Mom's house and back.  Thanks, Andy, for keeping me awake with your company.

The Bellman in action (a stock photo from another day.)

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