Friday, December 17, 2010

Late Night Homefries

Exhausted from holiday shopping, I fell asleep before dinner, and woke up after midnight terribly hungry wanting breakfast instead.  My breakfasts can be greasy affairs, having to rest on layers of paper towels before serving.

I had several ounces of rendered fat from some bone-in pork chops that I'd been working with on Tuesday.  A few Russet potatoes.  A pound of bulk hot Italian sausage from Strip District Meats (see prior post), and some Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee from 21st Street Coffee, also in the Strip.

This was a great dinner/breakfast.  Alas, I fell asleep again and missed breakfast the next day, but did I?  There were leftovers. 

The homefries in rendered pork fat.  Later seasoned with sea salt and pepper.
Some beautifully red Italian bulk hot sausage.

The finished product, a bit burnt at spots with a blotter to make it healthy. :)

Part of where the fat came from.  These were DELICIOUS.
Bellman stovetop coffee maker.  Still my favorite way to make some coffee.

4 ounces of sweetness from Intelligentsia Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Dama Coop.

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