Friday, February 3, 2012

Casa Rasta in Beechview

This used to be a pizza shop. It is now a taco haven. Thank JAH!
Casa Rasta has opened at 2102 Broadway Ave in Beechview, just near Dormont.  It's a small taco shop in a former pizza shop, owned by Laura and Antonio who have an enthusiasm and love for food that is rare. Antonio is originally from Mexico, and quite a renaissance man. He says he cooks simple food the way his grandmother taught him, with some health-minded and Caribbean flair. (For instance the corn tortillas are just heated, not fried with oil.)  Like my other Pittsburgh taco favorite, Smoke BBQ & Taqueria, this couple serves meals with the care and passion you'd give to a guest in your home.
There is a growing trend of enthusiastic couples opening taco shops in Pittsburgh. I love this trend.

I've had three lunches there so far, and plan on returning soon and often. All that  we've tasted has been great. Some specials have come up from time to time: Tilapia Ceviche Tostada with Avocado ($3), chili-chocolate truffles (complimentary, while they experimented with the recipe), and homemade soyrizo as a filling for vegetarian tacos, burritos or tortas.

I love that the phone numbers for the shop are still from San Diego: (619)227-2377 and (619)227-5357.
They do take credit cards, and their hours are on the menu below (closed Tuesdays). There is free, unmetered parking in front of the shop. Just nearby is the new Crested Duck Charcuterie shop.

Casa Rasta is also on Twitter. Follow them here.
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Dreadlock action shot.

All of this food was $21.90 with tax.

BEST carne asada taco in Pittsburgh! $2.50
Citrus Marinated Carnitas (pork) with spicy avocado cream and pickled onion.

Chorizo taco. (Note there is no oil added to the corn tortilla, which makes it lighter and healthier.

Pulled Pork with Mango Salsa. Oh my.

$1.00 side of Mexican Rice with their salsa verde. Excellente.


  1. Anonymous2/03/2012

    I an I, mon . Praise Jah !

  2. Great site -
    Oh wow - that carne asada looks awesome. $2.50??

  3. Thanks, Jackie. Yeah, $2.50. For now :)

  4. Oooooh, these look delicious! And I love that there's an affordable place for me to take my kids!


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