Sunday, December 12, 2010

Crate & Barrel Ross Park & White Cheddar Kettle Popcorn

Much better than Ikea in my opinion. More expensive, but nicer.

And so Crate & Barrel has recently opened in the North Hills at Ross Park Mall, beside two other relatively new additions: Cheesecake Factory and LL Bean. Though dreary and cold outside, both the store and its employees were warm, bright and welcoming. Not having much time to shop, I breezed past the modern furniture and headed toward the housewares section. I was impressed with the wide varieties of dishes, glassware, gadgets and appliances.

Feeling like a bull in a wine glass shop as I took this.

Short on money (after too many $1 tacos) and too many gifts for the nephews, I restrained myself to the purchase below: old fashioned folding popcorn boxes (as seen in the movie Diner) and a 1.5lb jar of Midnight Popcorn (both "on sale" for $5.99).

You can also cook this in a paper lunch bag in a microwave, but don't hold me liable.
I cooked it kettle-style in a huge stockpot with canola oil, clarified butter and sea salt, agitating over high heat until I heard popping. I sprinkled some powdered white cheddar topping from a Whole Foods Shells & Cheese ($.99), et voila: white cheddar, buttered kettle corn, replete with red box .  Some of the kernels were burnt, but there were few dregs after guests showed up.  Now what I need is a 60" HDTV so I can truly enjoy my new copy of Inception.
The finished product!
On a subsequent visit, I spoke with Deborah who was more than helpful with furniture selection. She has a background in design and architecture, and was nice enough to take my address for their 2011 furniture collection. And in less than a week, I received six individual 2011 catalogs with a handwritten thank you note from her. That's customer service, and I'm definitely keeping Crate & Barrel on my short list of furniture stores when I decide to re-decorate later this year.

Crate & Barrel 
Ross Park Mall Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

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  1. I really want to go to C&B, and I haven't yet which is surprising... The popcorn sounds like such a good idea!


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