Friday, March 11, 2011

Recent eats

Pho at Vietnam's Pho on Penn Ave. mmm pho.

I've been taking a break from the blog lately. I'm still eating though. Here are some photos from my new camera, to keep you abreast of my recent exploits.

Firstly, Killian's Pub on 531 Freeport Rd., Creighton, PA (724)226-8111
Great ribs, wonderful hosts, and special place overall:
A rack of amazing ribs at Killian's, not to mention their delicious home fries.

Chris' chicken sandwich and a heap of home fries at Killian's.

Chef Shawn, manning the charcoal grill at Killian's.
The couple behind the food: Shawn & Dawn. Thank you two.

Some food I cooked at home:
Eggs, pancetta, spinach, crimini mushroom & grilled toast.
Two chicken breasts, stuffed and searing in the pan.
Chicken w/ goat Brie, asparagus & white asparagus shallot puree.

Crab cakes & asparagus. White asparagus puree, roasted red pepper puree & crispy pancetta.

The most amazing cheesecake ever:
An amazing cheesecake at my friend Jeff's.
His blog can be found here:
Where you should be eating, right now: 

An amazing $19 chicken entree from Salt of the Earth. Best meal I've eaten out, in recent memory.
And back out again to eat:

Kway Teow noodles w/ Chinese sausage & shrimp last night at Spice Island on Atwood.

Enrico Biscotti in the Strip on Penn Avenue.

Those nice biscotti w/ coffee & cream in front of a snowy window at my house.

Rainy day Pittsburgh, Thursday 3/10/11.


  1. So good to see that you are recovering from the various injuries! Can't wait to read more. Now I need to get something to eat. The pictures make me HUNGRY! I definitely need to invest into a dinner at Salt of the Earth next time.

  2. You take such lovely pictures! I wish I could take a food pic even half as nice as yours!

  3. WOW! Looks like you have been eating well!!! Great looking food!


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