Monday, December 27, 2010

Double Wide Grill in South Side

Double Wide Grill on Carson St. in the South Side has some pretty solid food. Move aside Quaker; this is an actual repair shop that's been converted to a bar & grill. It's been about a year since I ate there last. I'm heading over for brunch today, and I plan on taking some photos and adding to this post. Their ribs and fries have my endorsement, especially so when it's all you can eat for $13.95 on Tuesdays (call to confirm.) They are tender and slathered with sauce (two options; I like both) and come with fresh cut fries and a creamy coleslaw. 

Their vegetarian and vegan options are not an afterthought. I had the tofu "wings" and though no substitute for actual chicken, they were appetizing. I have a suspicion that one of the owners or head chef might actually be a vegetarian.

Whenever the weather breaks, even temporarily, they have copious outdoor seating. They serve food late and they've even been known to run a Polar Bear discount for anyone who dines outside while it's snowing. They are very active on Twitter, so add them to your timeline if you want to know what their specials are.

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Closeup on the ribs.

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