Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Burgh Gourmand

I'm writing this blog to share some of my favorite food, drink and places in and around Pittsburgh. If you're unsure of the two words above, please click for their definitions.  Gourmand does not mean gourmet.

The primary reason I started this blog was to share with others the wonderful food I know about in the Pittsburgh area. I don't care about advertising revenue. I don't want comped meals or special attention (good places give everyone special attention.) On a selfish note, I want to drive business to my favorite restaurants because I don't want them to close or change what they are doing. Please give them a try.

I'd love to hear about your experiences; please share them and your feedback via email.

For full disclosure: The things and places I have chosen to write about are the ones that I enjoy. I will give them a fair shake, but do not expect a fully objective narrator.  If I find something that I don't really enjoy, I'll move on and leave the criticism to someone else.  Occasionally, though, I may rant.

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  1. Anonymous1/07/2011

    Double Wide Grill kindof reminds me of Rocklands. Do you have them in the Pittsburgh area? Rocklands I like, except there's always some yuppie mom shoving you out of the way and taking your seat.



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